Lens Flare Maker Bundle Stars Suns Free Download

Free CM Lens Flare Maker Bundle Stars Suns Collection of vector images of various light effects, sunlight, light star, light shapes, light rays and

Here in this post, you'll get a free download link of the Lens Flare Maker Bundle Stars Suns compress file from below.  Could you imagine you will become a super flares machine? Stars, flares, gleams, explosions, hot summer suns, even these trendy glints from spaceship spotlights. You Can Also Download 38 Abstract Creative 3D Shapes Bundle.

All these cool things just in your power! Just take the star or sun that you need, add some flares circles, rings, hexagons, some halo, some more flares, and voila. No raster, no effects, just pure vector. You Can Also Download Abstract Background Geometric Shape Design.

Lens Flare Maker Bundle Stars Suns

Screenshot Images of Lens Flare Maker Stars Suns Bundle:

Below I am sharing with you jpg screenshots images of  Flare Lens Maker to get a better idea before download, I hope you like it.

Lens Flare Maker Bundle Stars Suns

What’s included:

  • basic shapes: circles, rings, hexagons of different kinds and blurriness + disappearing shape + beams = in white + 5 colors.
  • basic stars shapes + extended stars.
  • halo: right rainbow (at the top), wrong rainbow, lots of different colored halos, and semi-halo.
  • 25 ready-to-use separate suns.
  • suns with ready flares.
  • 19 flares without suns (not repeated) (you can add it to any of your images as part of sunlight or like it’s a spaceship shining)
  • 12 prepared summer backgrounds: suns+flares on blue backgrounds Just in case it’s too little time to make it all
  • Technically you will find AI with various numbers of artboards + EPS-10 + high-res JPEG previews, all have corresponding names. Also, look for transparent PNG of just suns, suns+flares, and just flares.
  • Did you see my amateur photos? I put some of my suns PNGs thereby separate layers and give them Screen mode. Though I’m not a good photographer, photos are warmer and brighter now
  • Most of the vector files contain clipping masks, if needed, release masks for further work. Though there are only gradients and gradient meshes with blending modes, please be careful in working, it may slow down your computer if you open too many files in the program.